4 Safety Advantages of Using Dark Glass to Protect Your Product

4 Safety Advantages of Using Dark Glass for Your Business

4 Safety Advantages of Using Dark Glass to Protect Your Product

When running a business, many people spend a lot of time on producing the product itself without spending enough time thinking about the packaging. In fact, some containers you may not know much about are the darker glass bottles. There are many safety advantages of using dark glass bottles, such as Amber, Green, Cobalt Blue, and Matte Black are just some colors to name a few. However, even Matte White has some powerful capabilities. While they certainly bring an intriguing look to your product, there are actually many safety advantages of using dark glass bottles. Here are the top four safety advantages of these great containers:


1. Risk-Free Containment

First, in the safety advantages of using dark glass bottles. You may not know this, depending on the container, a product may be tainted with harmful chemicals that originate in the container itself. This is infamously true of many plastics. Dark glass, however, is a pure substance that does not pose any risk to your product.

2. No UV Light Exposure

UV light exposure can adversely affect certain components of your product. Lucky for you, dark glass surpasses other materials in being able to successfully filter out UV light and prevent any exposure to your product.

3. Consistent Material Quality

Overall, dark glass is a very durable material that lasts indefinitely. This is different from other materials that degenerate over time. In terms of recyclability, darker glass can be recycled for an infinitive number of times, proving safe to both your product and the environment.

4. Less Recycling Pollution

Speaking of recycling, did you know certain materials release pollutants during their recycling process? In addition to being infinitely recyclable, dark glass releases considerably low amounts of pollution compared to other materials.

At the end of the day, you need to package your product in a container to meet a variety of demands. Beyond marketability, the container needs to be safe for three key things: the product, the consumer, and the environment. With the above information in mind, it’s safe to say these glass bottles are an exceptional choice for you. If you’re looking for wholesale glass bottles, be sure to consider darker glass such as amber, blue, green, or matte colors.

In conclusion, these are just 4 of the Safety Advantages of Using Dark Glass bottles. There are still many other reasons why dark-colored bottles carry advantages in protecting the product of your business. Such as GlassNow recommends colored bottles for fragrances. We have many choices in dark-colored bottles here at FH Packaging, but if you want to think outside the box and create a custom color. We certainly carry the manufacturing capabilities to make that a reality. be sure to give us a call or email for any custom color, shape or form.

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