Airless Pump Bottles and Skincare: 7 Reasons They’re a Perfect Match

Airless Pump Bottles and Skincare: 7 Reasons They’re a Perfect Match

Did you know that 40% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases if the product is in premium packaging? Clearly, packaging has a big impact on consumers and should not be taken lightly.

This is especially true for the cosmetics industry. Customers want their cosmetics and skincare products to look good and operate flawlessly. Using packaging that creates a positive experience for the customer is critical for success.

If you need packaging for skincare products, you should set your sights on airless pump bottles. If you aren’t familiar with this type of bottle, you’re in luck! Keep reading to learn why airless pumps are the perfect bottle for creams, lotions, and serums.

1. Sustainable Packaging

Standard pump bottles use a plastic straw or tube to draw products out of the bottle. An airless pump bottle works by creating a vacuum as the user depresses the pump.

The airless technology eliminates the need for plastic. That means airless pump bottles are more environmentally friendly than traditional pump bottles.

Beyond eliminating plastic, airless pump bottles are recyclable and don’t produce any CFC emissions. As consumers become more interested in buying sustainable products, green packaging is important.

2. Prevents Double-Dipping

Many skincare products come in containers or jars with screw-on lids. That means in order to use the product, consumers have to keep dipping their fingers into it. The more times a consumer puts their fingers in the product, the higher the chance of product contamination.

Airless pump bottles are a more hygienic alternative to jars or traditional pump bottles. There is no need to ever reach into the bottle to get the product out.

Further, airless pump technology dispenses the same portion size every time. Since users know exactly how much product they’ll get, there is no need to attempt to put the extra product back into the container.

3. Less Waste

Regular pump bottles tend to create air pockets which makes it difficult to get all of the product out. Additionally, once the product gets below a certain level, the pump tube can’t pull the remaining product up to dispense it. That means a lot of product goes to waste.

Airless pumps eliminate this problem and allow consumers to use all the products in a bottle. Skincare products can be expensive, and using airless pumps will provide your customers with a good experience that makes them feel like they’re getting the most out of their purchase.

4. Prevents Oxidation

Oxidized skincare products can take on a yellow hue, which is sometimes disconcerting to consumers. Whether you’re using airless pump bottles for creams, lotions, or serums, the contents of the bottle are protected from the outside air. Airless pump technology creates a vacuum seal which ensures air cannot infiltrate the bottle.

Airless technology is particularly important for sensitive products. Less stable products might oxidize if exposed to air too often. Any products that come in a jar are much more prone to oxidation because of their constant air exposure.

The design of airless pump bottles ensures that contents never come into contact with metal springs that cause oxidation. The skincare products in airless pump bottles are kept completely separate from external factors. That isolation ensures that the quality of the product isn’t compromised.

5. Protects Product Purity and Increases Shelf Life

The best airless pump bottles are double-walled. This protects the products inside from sunlight, temperature, and humidity. Each of these factors can compromise the ingredients in formulas.

Airless pump technology creates a sealed chamber with a vacuum. That means no chemical preservatives need to be added to the skincare products.

Once the bottle is full, the contents inside will maintain their integrity until it’s all used up. This creates a product that is safe, healthy, and in pure form.

6. Easy to Use and Store

Airless pump bottles don’t need to be sitting upright to work. They will work in any position. That means they can be on their side, upside down, or right side up and the vacuum design will allow the product to dispense without any problems.

Their ability to operate in any position makes airless pump bottles very easy to use. For a consumer who has little time to spend on their facecare routine, ease of use could be a major selling point. Storage is also easy, as producers and consumers can put them anywhere.

7. Safe for Users

Consumers want to know that the skincare they’re using on their face and body is safe to use. Airless pump bottles and creative packaging ensure customers they’re buying a safe product.

The bottles are vacuum-sealed and tamper-proof once they are full. Consumers can rest assured that their products are free from any contaminants and have not been altered in any way.

Ready to Use Airless Pump Bottles for Your Packaging?

Image is everything when it comes to cosmetics and packaging is an important consideration for skincare lines. Product packaging and its functionality can have a huge impact on the success of a product. Now that you’ve learned about airless pump bottles and why they’re so great for skin care products, are you ready to start using them?

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