About Us

FH Packaging is a factory direct packaging company specializing in the e-liquid, aromatherapy, cosmetics, and beard oil industry. We have continued to grow in our technical capacity. Quality and affordability are two difficult traits in today’s modern world and we strive to defy that statement. In fact, our mission is to provide the best pricing and service for businesses around the world.

We pride ourselves in our manufacturing capabilities and are confident in the quality of our production. We know how stressful it can be to look for reliable vendors for your packaging needs. That’s why we stand by our product and prices to ensure that you are getting the highest quality products at the best prices.


High technical capabilities with poly blow moulding and injection moulding. High quality container solutions with state of the art systems.


FH Packaging uses the highest quality plastics and glass in the market. High quality PET and LDPE for flexibility and durability built for modern day packaging needs.


With the ability to create any container in any color, FH Packaging has the flexibility and prowess to create any custom packaging solution for a multitude of industries.