How to Access Product Dye Lines

At FH Packaging we have made our product dimensions available to the public. We know in this industry even the slightest millimeter can make all the difference. Which is why we are making our product dimensions open to everyone. We realize the importance in giving you a head start to plan accordingly with creative aspect of your packaging such as label and screen printing. Above all, our dye lines help you prepare for final measurements in boxing your final product.

Our product dimensions come available with millimeter (mm) metric measurements for the best accurate depiction of our products. In addition we have measured every possible angle from left, right, top, and bottom.

  1. In order to access our product dye lines, you need to search for the specific item you are interested in.

(In this example we will use our 1 oz Boston Round Glass Bottle)

Product Packaging Dimensions

2. Scroll down our product page until you see the product information displayed. You will see 4 bolded titles and you will need to click on the title labeled “Product Dimensions”.

Product Packaging Dimensions Information

3. Once you click on “Product Dimensions” It will switch from Product Information currently displayed, to a link for a downloadable PDF.

Product Packaging Dimensions Download Link

4. Finally, once you click the download link. It will open our Product Dimensions PDF and it will be available for download. The download link is located on the top-right corner.

Product Dimensions PDF

Disclaimer : Only selected products will have product dimensions available for download. These dye lines are only meant to show (H x L x W) Height, Length and Width of our products. These product dimensions are not meant to show label printing dimensions.

If the product you are searching for does not have a Product Dye Line available feel free to contact us so we can send you the proper information.

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