10 Benefits of Plastic Jars With Lids for Packaging

plastic jars with lids

Did you know that recent innovations have given plastics a better standing in society? Plastics improve our lives in a lot of different ways, such as through medical purposes or by making vehicles lighter.

That’s why many companies are now turning their attention toward the way plastic jars with lids can improve their business.

Uncertain if plastic could ever be as good as glass? We’re here to show you all the biggest benefits plastic jar packaging can give you and your company. Keep reading to learn everything you should know!

1. Durable and Shatterproof

When people think about plastic, they often think of the thin plastic used for water bottles. They think about plastics that are easy to dent with their bare hands.

However, plastics can be made as strong as steel.

As long as you pick a high-quality plastic, the jars will never dent or break during transit or on the production line. What makes packaging with plastic jars even better is the fact that they are shatterproof.

Although glass is often seen as superior, the material is fragile. When it breaks, it’s a health hazard that can slow down production times. It’s not uncommon for poor handling of broken glass to require stitches.

Glass also tends to crack or shatter on its way to your customers.

With plastic jars, you’ll never have this issue again. Production will continue without sharp interruptions and your customers will be safe when they receive their goods.

2. Easy Recycling

It’s easier for consumers to recycle plastic than to recycle other types of material. With more people turning towards greener ideals, many consumers try their best to recycle as much plastic as possible.

Another benefit is that plastic jars are great for repurposing. Instead of recycling empty plastic jars, customers can use them as containers for anything they want. They can turn them into miniature planter pots for their herb garden or store their art supplies.

You could also implement a return policy to help with plastic-reducing efforts. Offer a discount for anyone who sends back empty plastic jars. This makes it so that less plastic goes to the landfill and you won’t need to increase your plastic usage during production.

There are countless ways to make sure that plastic never goes to waste!

3. Keeps Product Protected

When you use high-quality material, you’ll make certain that your product stays safe for your customers. Top-tier plastic is a perfect choice for things such as cosmetics, skincare products, and cannabis containers.

While older and less-advanced plastics might be porous, many new plastics won’t interact with your product at all. It provides a complete barrier against outside contaminants.

Plastic makes it easy for companies to seal the product from any airborne debris. No matter how far your product needs to travel, plastic jars are a reliable option that keeps customers happy.

4. Resistant to Temperature Changes

Do you offer a product that doesn’t survive sudden temperature changes? Do you need to provide your customers with containers that won’t end up ruining the product before it arrives in the middle of summer?

Plastic isn’t immune to changes in temperature during transit, but it is far more resistant when compared to glass.

The material doesn’t heat up or cool down as much as glass. It takes extreme temperatures in either direction to make a difference in the contents of a plastic jar.

Another great benefit is that plastic jars also provide a lot of protection against harsh sunlight in case your product ever sits outside for a while. Many plastics have an opaque surface to help protect the product from harmful UV rays.

All of these things make plastic a superior choice when it comes to products that are sensitive to temperature. It’s better to go with a safe choice than to risk sending out a good product that gets damaged before it arrives.

5. Requires Fewer Resources to Produce

A lesser-known benefit of using plastic packaging is the fact that it doesn’t require as many resources to produce. It takes less energy and material to create plastic jars. Glass, on the other hand, requires a lot of heat as well as resources that aren’t renewable.

Sand used for glass isn’t something we can replenish but recycled plastic and resin makes the production of plastic jars simple. We’ll have an endless supply so you’ll never need to worry about finding new packaging options in the future.

Plus, the requirement of less heat to mold the plastic uses up less energy, leaving it free for other projects. This makes it more sustainable in the long run.

If you’re a company that wants to use up fewer of the world’s resources, then plastic is the way to go.

6. Cheaper to Use

Due to the low requirement of resources and energy, plastic jars are much more cost-effective when compared to glass. Since they’re easier to make, they don’t cost as much to buy. Since they don’t break, they don’t require a lot of replacements when accidents happen.

Many companies that are starting up turn towards plastic to help cut costs in their production. It’s a good way to get your business rolling without breaking the bank.

Although glass jars are often seen as a luxurious option, plastic is the more efficient option. Sometimes it’s better to let your product do the talking. Plastic provides the kind of packaging that’s no-frills and no-illusions while still giving you many great benefits.

7. Minimal Weight

Another way that plastic ends up being a cheaper option is through the weight of the packaging material. Plastic weighs far less than glass. This means it’s easier to work with during production.

Your employees will have an easier time lifting and moving the product around. If something falls, it won’t be as much of a health hazard.

It also means that your customers will be happier. It’ll be easier for them to use throughout their day and won’t be as cumbersome to take with them. Plus, they’ll be paying more for the product inside than the jar itself.

8. Better for Shipping

In addition to the above, a lower weight results in lower shipping costs. This is a huge benefit for both you and your customers.

Your products will be cheaper to ship around the world. It’ll take less gas and other resources to move the product from one place to another. This makes it better for the environment since moving your product won’t result in more emissions.

Your customers will like this as well since it means they’ll pay less for shipping. No one enjoys paying for shipping, so lower shipping costs are always a great thing for everyone!

9. Simple Storage

It’s much easier to buy plastic jars in bulk than it is to do the same with other options. Plastic jars are a clever innovation because they can stack inside one another.

Glass, on the other hand, is too thick and fragile to do the same. The best you can hope for with a glass jar is to stack it on top of another glass jar, but this is also can lead to health hazards.

Even if your chosen plastic jar doesn’t slip inside of its brethren, it’s still often a better option. If a glass jar falls, it results in a bigger problem and a bigger mess.

Stacking plastic jars on top of each other is less dangerous. You’ll have no issues with stacking empty plastic jars as high as you want.

Instead of taking up a lot of space in storage, you’ll have more jars to fill while taking up less space than glass jars.

This is a benefit for both you and your customer. Your customers will enjoy the fact that the plastic jars don’t take up a lot of room in their homes.

10. Versatile Design Base

Do you want to show off your brand’s personality without needing to hold back? Plastic jars give you a lot of space to design without hindering your creative efforts.

Since plastic works well with a lot of other types of materials, it’s easy to put your brand’s personality all over the packaging. When it comes to glass, this is not always possible to achieve. The slick surface of glass means that it requires more specialized branding to stick.

Plastic is versatile and customizable. All kinds of colors, stickers, and markings show up on plastic without any hassle. Feel free to brainstorm until you find the perfect way to show off your brand’s unique personality!

Create a Reliable Brand by Using Plastic Jars With Lids

One of the best things about plastic jars with lids is the fact that they’re so reliable. By using them as packaging, you’ll build a brand that your customers can always count on. They’ll never worry that your product might come to them damaged or unprotected.

Plus, plastic jars are easier and cheaper to implement into production. That’s why jars are a great way to get your product to your customers. It’s a win-win option for everyone!

Ready to incorporate plastic packaging into your business? Check out our high-quality plastic jars to get started right away!

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