3 Reasons Why Airless Pump Bottles are Better Than Closures

3 Reasons Why Airless Pump Bottles are Better Than Closures

3 Reasons Why Airless Pump Bottles are Better Than Closures

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What Are Airless Pumps?

If Sprayer and Pump closures were to have a worst enemy, this would be it. The airless pump bottle has replaced the need for pump and sprayers, no more struggling to get to the last drop of your product. Gone is the thought of your product being too thick or high in chemical content for the bottle, No more need to worry about oxidation. Airless pumps have eliminated these worries for consumer products. They are great to use for products in the cosmetic, cannabis, and CBD industry. 

How Do Airless Pumps Work

It’s very simple how Airless Pumps work. These bottles work off of vacuum suction from the bottle, which helps push up a small disk located in the base of the bottle, then pushes the product upwards. Our Airless Pump bottles have a small hole in the bottom of the bottle that helps pull in air to help push the disk up. This tiny hole poses no threat to the product inside, so there will be no spilling or leaking from the bottom.

Our Airless Pumps come in many different styles, We have plain Matte White Pumps and Cosmetic Styrene Pumps. The Matte White Polypropylene Pumps are great for foams and have a blank canvas which leaves room for a creative label. The Cosmetic Polystyrene Airless Pumps have a clear shell that helps showcase your product on shelves to customers.

There are many reasons why Airless Pump Bottles are a way better option than buying the combo of a glass bottle and closure such as a pump or sprayer. Here are 4 reasons why airless pump bottles are better than closures.

No Oxidation

Airless Pump Bottles help reduce the amount of oxygen that enters the bottle by not allowing the backflow of oxygen back into the bottle. This is helped by the little tiny hole located at the bottom of the bottle. Instead of the pump pulling back air from the nozzle located at the top of the pump, back inside the container where the product is located. It pulls air from the hole at the bottom to help push the disc back up without making contact with the product inside.

According to AirlessBottles.com, This lack of oxygen helps preserve your product shelf life by 15% rather than using typical closures. The fear of not being able to reach the final drop of your product, due to a dip tube is long gone. No more need for closure now with the help of the airless pump technology. 

Organic Friendly

Since Airless Pump Bottles get rid of the fear of oxidation, it is safer to use fewer preservatives within your product. Airless Pumps are also organically friendly, the first reason being no oxygen comes in contact with the product and second, there is no metal from the neck of dip tubes to contaminate the product. This could help promote your all-organic product, with our bottles being 100% recyclable.  

No Gravity

These particular types of containers do not need gravity to dispense the product out of the nozzle. So no matter if you hold it sideways, upside down, left or right. You will get the same dispensing power every time. This helps reassure owners and consumers that they will be getting the very last drop of the product they are receiving. This showcases the versatile design the Airless Pump Bottles have demonstrated. 


In conclusion, our Airless Pump Bottles have received high claims for all the advantages it brings to consumer products. This new design has brought a whole new dimension to the importance of product longevity. Consumers are starting to venture into more natural products, keeping preservatives and additives out of their products. This container is not only earth-friendly but conveniently beneficial with its easy to use dispensing power. If you are new to one of the following cosmetics, cannabis or CBD industry, these bottles would be a great starting point for products such as foams and lotions.

Hopefully, this blog article helped break down the beneficial properties of the Airless Pump Bottles and the capabilities it could be used for. We have a wide selection here at FH Packaging. Explore our range of products down below. 

If you need a custom order such as a different size, custom mold, or a white label done in the house be sure to contact us at our email, phone or, live chat accessed below.

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