7 Benefits of Glass Jar Packaging

7 Benefits of Glass Jar Packaging

7 Benefits of Glass Jar Packaging

Product packaging is often a bit of a hassle, and deciding what to use is the hardest part. Environmentally friendly packaging like glass is one of the most popular, with some nations having a 90% recycling rate. Glass jars make excellent packaging and are widely used around the world.

If you’ve been looking to get into environmentally friendly packaging, we’re here to help. Here are seven reasons why glass jars are a better packaging tool than other materials.

1. Sturdy Storage

The first is simple – glass jars are much stronger than you think. Glass jars aren’t the same type of glass as an average drinking cup. The jars are usually tempered and strengthened to ensure that they don’t shatter on a tap.

That isn’t to say that you should go dropping them for fun, of course. But metal cans can dent heavily and break under strain. While glass isn’t unbreakable, it’s a strong device to use for storage that can keep your goods safe.

2. Transparent and Customizable

Another great benefit is one that’s often overlooked until it’s too late. When one packages goods in metal cans or plastic tins, they’re usually labeled afterward. These labels help keep track of what’s being stored in the containers.

The problem is that these labels, especially paper-based ones, aren’t very sturdy. If you store your cans long-term such as in a storage basement or a shelter, the labels can wear off. If they get wet, they’ll become unreadable.

This quickly means that you might not know what’s inside of a can or container. Instead, you’re forced to try to remember or to open it up to see what’s inside. This is a huge hassle for organization and can ruin goods that you had to open before you wanted to.

With glass jars, however, you can always see inside. Even colored or shaded glass is still relatively transparent. By being able to see the goods that are inside the glass jars, you can keep better organization.

3. Sterile and Clean

Sometimes, cleaning out containers is an absolute chore. We’ve all had the situation where we used plastic to store something and had the container stain irreversibly. It also can sometimes prove difficult to properly sterilize containers before storing goods.

Glass jar packages are much easier to clean and sterilize. Glass naturally doesn’t let things stick to it as much as other materials like metal will. They are easily submerged in soapy water to soak and clean.

Additionally, you can sterilize glass jars easier than others. A pot of boiling water can hold your glass jars and sterilize them completely by boiling. This makes it much easier to ensure that you’re storing or shipping your goods in a fully sterilized environment.

4. Flavor Doesn’t Leech

Another problem that you’ll have with some materials is the flavor leeching into your goods. This is especially the issue with storing food goods – you likely don’t care much about the flavor of a candle, after all. But when storing or shipping food goods, you want the flavor intact as much as possible.

Using materials like metal to store your container can cause flavors to leech into your product. Long-term storage can especially cause a metallic flavor to seep into food. Some types of cans and packaging do this more severely than others.

Glass doesn’t have this issue and can store items indefinitely without letting the flavor leech. So long as the product inside of the glass jar lasts, the glass won’t alter the flavor at all. The only thing you need to worry about is storing the glass jars in a proper location.

This also isn’t only for literal flavor. Having the material you’ve stored lotions, creams, or medicines in corrode into your product is detrimental to your product’s quality.

5. Easy Storage

Speaking of storage, glass jars are much easier to store than others. With cans, you need to make sure that you’re keeping them away from moisture.

Failure to do so can cause the cans to rust. Not only will this ruin the can, but it will also ruin the products the cans are holding. Instead, the cans are thrown away with the product inside.

Glass jars don’t have this problem or any other for storage. The closest thing is that metal screw-on lids such as on Mason jars can sometimes erode. This is avoided with simple upkeep or using a different type of lid.

Glass jars are easy to store anywhere that you choose to. Any temperature is fine, though you’d need to be wary of the products inside expanding in case of freezing or high heat. They’re easy to stack, durable, and store indefinitely.

6. Cheap to Purchase

As good as they are, glass jars aren’t an extremely expensive item to get your hands on. Glass is a relatively cheap material and glass jars follow suit. While items like disposable cans or plastic containers can sometimes prove cheaper, glass jars won’t set you back much.

Given how reusable they are, glass jars pay for themselves quickly as well. You won’t need to worry about rebuying storage materials as you will with other materials. Being able to skip this cost by reusing your glass jars over and over will quickly cover the cost of the jars themselves.

7. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

One of the greatest benefits of glass jars is their reusable packaging. While cans are discarded after use, glass jars are instead cleaned and reused. Whether you intend to store goods in them again, customize them, or send them to someone else, they’re infinitely reusable.

They also have a much higher recycling rate and efficiency. Glass recycling produces no extra materials that need discarding. Instead, you only have the glass itself to worry about, making it highly environmentally friendly packaging.

Using Glass Jars

Using glass jars is easy, cheap, and sustainable. There are no materials better for use for storage, product packaging, or reusability.

If you have further questions about glass jar packages or packaging, feel free to contact us. You can also browse our extensive blog for more information on glass jars.

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