Specialized Skincare Packaging Ideas and Design Guide

Specialized Skincare Packaging Ideas and Design Guide

Specialized Skincare Packaging Ideas and Design Guide

Specialized Skincare Packaging Ideas and Design Guide

New developments in specialized skincare packaging and delivery options mean that there are more options to develop ideas and designs.

Women and men are always on the hunt for a good skincare product with amazing ingredients. In fact, a recent study showed that the skincare market produces 17.5 billion dollars in the U.S alone!

Did you know that skincare packaging also plays a huge part in your sales? Nowadays, customers are looking for good ingredients and sturdy packaging.

Keep reading to learn more about the best skincare packaging.

The Best Skincare Packaging For Your Brand

Finding the best skincare packaging supplies can be difficult. Especially with all the different options out there. For example, specialized tincture bottles and an airless pump bottle are all great for skincare products.

Also, do you want your product to be childproof or not? These are great starter questions, but we’ll need to dive deeper into skincare packaging supplies.

Skincare Packaging

Usually, for serums and lighter face oils, a glass bottle with a dropper is recommended. The size of these bottles can range from 10 ml to 4 oz. If you have a skincare product that ranges from travel size to full size, a glass bottle can help you get all the necessary sizes.

However, as we mentioned earlier, an airless pump bottle is also great. Usually, this packaging is recorded for any foam products. If you have a product that needs to be isolated from any moisture or oxygen, an airless pump is great for that.

Cosmetic Packaging

As the need for clean makeup increases, skincare brands are stepping in and creating cosmetic products as well. For any balms, it’s recommended that you use a glass or plastic jar. The sizes of these jars can range anywhere from 5g to 100g.

You can use plastic and glass jars for heavier cream products as well! You might be wondering, what’s the difference between glass and plastic jars?

For starters, most plastic jars are made from polystyrene. Which is a safer plastic product and gives the illusion of glass.

However, be aware that any plastic products won’t have a heavy feel to them. So if you’re trying to attract high-class customers, a glass jar will better attract these customers. And if you want to keep up with skincare packaging trends, pair a glass jar with a bamboo lid.

Essential Oil Packaging

Essential oils are also a big part of self-care and beauty. If you sell aromatic essential oils, then consider a smaller tincture bottle with a dropper.

This packaging is the best because it allows the user to measure out the exact amount that is needed. The glass bottle also comes in a wide range of sizes. Lastly, glass bottles can better preserve all of the active ingredients that are in essential oils.

Vitamin Packaging

Vitamins are becoming an absolute must in the skincare community. Nowadays there are vitamins for hair growth, clear skin, and even feminine health.

So if you’re trying to get into this lucrative market, finding the best skincare packaging supplies is a must. For starters, vitamins need to be packaged in a safe manner.

Therefore, it’s best to package them inside of plastic rather than glass! This is because it reduces the chances of bodily harm if a glass piece is to break inside and then be consumed.

Not to mention, plastic has a better internal temperature which is great for vitamins and other edible products. Plastic packer bottles are always your best bet.

Skincare Packaging Boxes

The design of your outer packaging is also very important. The first thing a potential customer will see is your design, logo, and the color of your packaging.

For skincare products, less is more. Meaning you can have lighter colors such as nude, eggshell whites, yellow, and most baby hues. Always remember that the aesthetic of your brand should match your missions statement and who you are as a business owner.

For example, if your missions statement is all about simplicity and clean products, a lighter packaging with a simple design and logo will represent your brand the best. However, for a bolder brand, brighter colors, and intricate logos will represent you the best.

Add Ons That Will Make Your Boxing Pop

Hot foil stamping is a great add-on for your boxing. This added detail usually goes on the opening of your product and seals it shut. This is a better alternative than just using clear adhesive tape to close your boxes.

Overall, this detail will make your brand appear more luxurious. These stamps also come in a variety of colors. Therefore you can do a color that enhances the rest of the box.

Patterns are also a great way to add some definition and pop to your packaging. A funky pattern can help tell the story of your brand. A light and airy pattern will help bring your minimalistic packaging together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many newcomers in the skincare world have questions about different skincare packaging supplies. Here is a list of the most common questions asked when buying cosmetic packaging.

Can I Make My Packaging Child Proofed?

The answer is yes! Childproof packaging is essential especially for skincare products that contain high amounts of acidic properties.

You can request a child-proof lid when ordering your cosmetic packaging. However, you want to make sure the cap has been tested and approved by the United States consumer product and safety commission.

Should I Pick Plastic or Glass for My Packaging?

If your packaging supplier uses the best quality manufacturing then plastic or glass shouldn’t be a huge deal-breaker. Overall, it’s your decision on what kind of packaging material you want to use.

What Are Droppers?

Droppers are usually used for water or oil-based formulas. The design allows the customer to access the product by simply squeezing the top.

Skincare Packaging Made for You

Now that you know about different skincare packaging you can make the best decision possible for your brand! Remember that packaging is the first thing a customer sees. So make the proper investment that will result in long-term customers.

If you have more questions about cosmetic packaging, contact us today and speak to one of our representatives.


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