Why a Glass Storage Jar Is Better for Spices: A Closer Look

Why a Glass Storage Jar Is Better for Spices: A Closer Look

Why a Glass Storage Jar Is Better for Spices: A Closer Look

Although the spice trade routes prominent throughout the Middle Ages are a well-known part of history, the first use of spices may actually date back to over 6 million years ago. Early man used leaves and berries to season meat for flavor, as well as to preserve it.

Spices are a staple in kitchens all across America. Some spices come in a plastic container while others may come in a glass storage jar. 

Wondering if there’s a difference between a glass storage jar and a plastic container for your spices?

In this guide, we’ll explain the benefits of glass jars for spice storage. Keep reading to find out more. 

A Glass Storage Jar Seals in Freshness

While spices don’t necessarily spoil or go bad, in the traditional sense, plastic storage containers don’t provide an air-tight seal. Plastic is porous and allows air to leak into the food container.

When spices are exposed to the air it can cause them to go stale faster. Stale spices lack the full flavor and aromatic qualities of fresh spices. Your food will not have the flavor and kick you desire. 

A glass storage jar has a glass neck. When the lid screws on, it creates an air-tight seal that locks in the freshness. This seals in the natural essence of the spices.

With no air leaking in, your spices stay fresher longer and their shelf-life is better preserved. Glass jars can preserve the freshness of spices for up to 2 years.

A Glass Storage Jar Prevents Moisture Build-Up

Another issue with storing spices in plastic containers is that they allow for moisture to enter the packaging. For spices containing oils, moisture permeation may cause oxidization. 

Dry spices can absorb this moisture which can change their texture and flavor. Smooth and finely ground spices, such as salt, can become lumpy.

In some cases, moisture can also cause mold to form on your spices, especially when they are in a warm environment like a kitchen. 

With a glass storage container, as long as the air-tight lid is securely sealed, it will keep moisture out. 

A Glass Storage Jar Doesn’t Leach Toxins

Plastic is versatile and durable. But a major downside is that some plastic food containers leach toxins, known as microplastics, into the items stored in them.

These leached microplastics can give foods and spices the taste of plastic, especially in warm or cold environments. This is not a desirable characteristic or taste by any means.  

A glass storage jar does not leach microplastic toxins. There’s no need to worry about any chemicals affecting the flavor and taste of your spices.

A Glass Storage Jar Is Reusable

Yes, plastic food containers can be re-used as well several times. But with each time you re-use plastic, it can start to warp and degrade over time.

This is especially true for plastic spice containers that are kept above or beside a heated kitchen appliance like a stove, oven, microwave, or even dishwasher. Once the plastic is no longer useable, it gets thrown out where it ends up in landfills and won’t biodegrade for potentially a thousand years.

A glass storage jar for your spices, however, can continue to be re-used hundreds of times without breaking down, melting, or warping. So it’s a much more eco-friendly choice.

A Glass Storage Jar Is Durable

Plastic containers are malleable, this means they may be prone to denting or distorting. This can prevent the lid from tightly sealing which causes the spices to spill out if the container is accidentally dropped. 

While glass can shatter if dropped from a high height, double-walled glass jars offer an extra barrier of protection. The glass is tempered to increase its strength and durability through a heating process.

A glass storage jar can provide security from accidental spills and drops. Your spices will remain securely in place as long as the lid is screwed on tightly.

A Glass Storage Jar Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Traditional plastic food storage containers for spices can make them look bulky and clunky. This can take away from the appearance of a classy kitchen.

A glass storage jar, whether it is transparent, colored glass, or frosted, provides a unique look that is aesthetically pleasing. It adds a level of sophistication to a kitchen or pantry that is sleek, stylish, and modern. 

High-end spices are packaged in glass jars to give them a more refined appearance.

A Glass Jar Easily Identifies the Contents Inside

Plastic spice packaging containers may be colored differently which can obscure the appearance of the spice in the container. Their labels may also fade, tear, or peel off with time.

This can make it difficult to determine what spice is in the container. This also leads to a trial and error trying to figure out if you’ve got the right spice or not.

With a glass storage jar, you can easily see the contents inside the container. Glass jars are easy to label too. With a glass storage jar, you’ll always know what’s inside.

A Glass Jar Can Be Cleaned and Sterilized

When all of the spices in a certain jar have been used up, it’s quick and simple to clean out the glass jar for use with another spice.

Glass doesn’t stain as plastic does. Even with pungent and strong spices, the flavor won’t transfer to the new spice in the jar.

Substances don’t stick to glass. It’s easily dishwasher cleaned and sterilized for whatever you wish to store in it next.

Glass Storage Jars and More at FH Packaging

A glass storage jar offers so many great benefits for food storage and other items. It’s no wonder that glass jars are one of the best storage options.

FH Packaging knows how important good packing is in today’s many industries. Whether it’s food storage, cosmetics, spices, or healthcare products, FH Packaging has what your business needs.

We strive to offer the best storage and packaging solutions for you at affordable prices. We also stand by our items so you can be certain you are only getting the best and highest quality products.

Contact Us today for questions or wholesale inquiries.

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  1. Donald L Gibby says:

    I’m looking for glass spice jars (1 1/2 – 2 oz) that can be vacuum sealed. Do you have those and, if so, how can they be vacuum sealed, using what kind of sealer?

    • Dan Kim says:

      Hi Donald,
      Thank you for your message, my name is Dan.

      It wouldn’t be a vacuum seal, but we have heat induction seals. slightly different, but with the same concept.
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